Exercises to Stop Snoring Zzzzz.


I dont SNORE! Thats what I thought.  But On a serious note.. I did, Snoring, unfortunately is pretty common for most people. Although we tend to laugh about it, it is a serious sleeping disorder.Most people are affected adversly by either themself or a spouse snoring.
The most common causes are the following:

  • Weight gain
  • Alcohol 
  • Smoking
  • Sleep Position
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Colds or sinuses
Snoring is caused when there is a narrowed passageway between the nose and the throat. The passageway narrows because the muscles in your throat are more relaxed when you sleep. When inhaling oxygen while the passageway is narrowed, air will have to move faster than before and will hit the tissues of the soft palate and the uvula with more force causing vibrations which in turn create snoring sounds (Zzzzz).

What can we do to Help reduce or stop snoring, Among the most obvious is Lose weight, Stop or reduce smoking and find over the counter remedies and Technics that help reduce an even stop snoring. In my case in particular (Snoring)I found that using exercise Technics help improve my snoring issues, I tried one called  "Tongue Gesture" and "The Vocal Warm Ups"

  • 1Technic, Tongue Gesture:

Stick out your tongue as far as possible. Try to reach the tip of your nose with your tongue. Hold that position for a few seconds and then relax. Then stick out your tongue and try to reach as far left as you can and hold. Repeat by reaching as far right as you can with your tongue. Keep doing this tongue exercises twice daily to help overcome snoring.

  • 2 Technic, Vocal Warm Ups:

Then I start my warming up of the vocales..As loud as you can, sing (la-la-la) for about 10 seconds and repeat five times. As you do this, concentrate on the sound coming from your throat. Next, do the same thing with (ka-ka-ka and ma-ma-ma.) To make this sound, the throat will open and help strengthen the muscles that may help prevent or lessen snoring. I did this twice a day!

Trust me at first I felt weird doing this because I thought my neighbors could hear me. But as I kept doing the Technic as days went by My Husband would say " Hey, I don't hear you snore anymore?" I guess he was to use to me snoring he kinda missed my snores. :) This Technic works great for me! Hope my Topic helps anyone out there that has a (Zzzz) Like I had. :)

Excercise to stop Snoring

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