Review On Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain Pink # 4


Just Purchased my first Mirensse Lip Bomb and I need to share my experience with all of you today!
I loveeeeeeeeeeee this Lip Stain! All I needed to apply with a lil and I was so smiley and couldn't stop looking at my nice pink shade n Gloss it gave me. This lip stain has Botanical Oils & Vitamin E Formulated for Sensitive Skin, Mirenesse Cosmetics are pharmaceutical formulated using organic Australian and safe, high quality and unique ingredients to minimize the risk of allergies.

A Brilliant color that combines gloss, stain and lacquer all in one!The color can be mixed easily to create countless vivid or nude looks depending on style and feel of the day! What I enjoy very much its its Infusion of refreshing mint taste that it has, I also like the lip applicator it comes with, very sleek and curved to give you much coverage and easy flow. 

It also comes with  Botanical oils and vitamin E, what more can you ask for?  and last but not least, did you admire the sleek and fabulous shape and glass looking appearance it came in? WOW!  very sheek and stylish. Not only will your lips looks fabulous but your Lip Gloss will give you a fashion statement saying, I look good and Im styling.You can check out other colors at Mirensse Website for much color options. What you waiting for?? Go get your Mirensse Lipgloss! 


* This product was purchased by me and I did not receive any compensation for his review, this is my personal experience with this product.

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