Eco-Friendly Gummy Vitamins for kids and Adults

Hi Bloggers, here I share this eco friendly product that I currently buy for my Girls, now Im sharing with you all...

Its called SmartyPants was started by parents that just wanted the best for their children. The all-in-one gummy multi-vitamins contain eco-friendly omega 3 DHA,Yes sir!  ECO-FRIENDLY!!
which means no heavy metals like mercury and they also dont use high fructose corn syrup and instead they use organic cane sugar.

Just look at all the benefits your kids will get?

  • Only Multivitamin+Omega3s+ Vitamin D gummy on the market! 
  • Excellent Source of Omega3 DHA+EPA* from eco friendly small fish oil 100% of the US 
  • RDI for Vitamin D + includes 9 other nutrients Most bio-available forms of key nutrients 
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup with only 5 g of Organic cane sugar per serving 
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives. 
  • Gluten & casein free Made in California in a GMP-certified facility 
  • They are also naturally flavored orange, lemon, and cherry.

  If you are in the trend of ECO friendly and going green for you and your family, well this is the right product to start  using and not all your kids but the hole entire family can benefit from smartypants Vitamins!

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