Sampling Day!

Hi Bloggers!

Today is a beautiful day!  Its "Martin Luther King, Jr Day! "

Today My favorite Ninja (Freebie ninja) posted on his Facebook wall some cool freebies and one of my favorite was to request a free sample of Green Tea , so I did and did a little research on the company and there products, this website  provides A comprehensive line of all natural supplements for women. This company is helping women lead healthier, more invigorating and fulfilling lifestyles.we’ve developed a complete line of all natural health and wellness formulas to help us Ladies achieve our goals. 

(image from: deltalabsusa.com)
They  use only the safest, highest quality, most effective and all natural ingredients in every product we offer. They have  the following products:
Green Tea
Hair Skin & Nails

Best reason That that got my attention was their Their  Green Commitment to the environment (0 Carbon Footprint).

They’ll Pay YOU for Your Empty Bottle! Yes Ladies! 
They creating a greener planet for future generations by minimizing our carbon footprint. This program consist on resending the company your empty bottle with a pre-paid postage sticker with our return address printed on it, then you’ll receive $5.00 off your next order at Delta Labs. So you contributing to a minimize carbon footprint , plus getting $5.00 off your next purchase!  If interested click below, and if you want to get free deals on samples or contest/Giveaways I recommend my Freebie Ninja Friend look him up on Facebook!

Request a Sample Green Tea here!

* This product was purchased by me and I did not receive any compensation for his review, this is my personal experience with this product.

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