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Do you know what Ageism is? Well it’s a form of discrimination and prejudice, experienced by seniors. Society today still needs to be firm on the human rights on our seniors, and not treat them with disrespect, make them feel unwelcome and otherwise generalize as if they were all the same,By discriminating their rights to work.

Age discrimination often makes it difficult for older people to find and keep jobs. The U.S. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) makes it unlawful to discriminate against Americans ages 40 and older when it comes to hiring, firing, layoffs, promotions, salary, assignments, benefits and training. Other factors that affect their human rights are Healthcare and education there should be discrimination regardless of their age.

Ageism should be non-existent..there are cases that seniors often abandon in emergency situations and how some seniors are being mistreated or abused by society even worst by Family members and its not reported, and lets see the reality, even some nursing homes are inadequately staffed.

I read this article on New Research Shows Ageism is Widespread and Tolerated in Canada and Age of Champions and I was sadden on how society has discriminated against our elders and this video shows how powerful tool in the battle against ageism by showcasing the dedication, strength, and sportsmanship of these fierce competitors. Age is just a number, if they are healthy and in great state of mind why deny them the right to work, education and to Participate in any event they feel they can accomplish in life.

Ageism still exists around the world. Truth be known that In most countries it is still considered acceptable to deny people work, access to healthcare, education based on age.. Its important to support and help fight against Ageism, and ensure they get protected by human rights because not only would we ensure that we all have the best chance of enjoying security and dignity into old age, but secure our next generation to be given the best possible environment to raise happy, healthy, productive future adults. 

To combat ageism it is necessary to raise public awareness about its existence and to dispel common stereotypes and mis-perception about aging. Our Governments need to confront these issues head on and make sure that global human rights legislation is fit for the future and able to respond to the opportunities and challenges of ageism in the 21st century. Support your seniors and fight for their Human rights

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