Bullseye! with Nerf Rebelle #NerfRebelle

I was very excited to find out I was selected to Host a Nerf Rebelle House Party!!, its a fabulous group that provides items for you to host a house party to try out new and innovative products! 
couldn't wait to receive my Nerf Rebelle House party Kit!! The #NerfRebelle is the new dart gun line for girls 8 and up to enjoy indoors or out doors. There are guns, bows, and crossbows.made in  pink and purple and white, with different designs and style.

Party Package contents:
1.) We received one Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow ($19.99)
2.) Two Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush blasters with Crossbow attachments.($9.99)
3.) Two packs of Nerf Rebelle Power Pair guns. 2 in each box. ($7.99)
4.) 3 packs of extra darts ($7.99) * Foam Darts
5.) 2 Team Captain headbands
6.) 10 Nerf Rebelle wristbands.
7.) 10 Nerf Rebelle temporary tattoos.
8.) Coupons for Nerf Rebelle products.(Coupons to save $5 on a $9.99 purchase and one cupon $8.00)

Not only that but you can also head on over and Join the Nerf Rebelle Team online for more fun games and tournements!  #NerfRebelle

My Girls and their friends will have a blast playing with Nerf Rebelle today and while they play, I'll be baking some goodies for them all to enjoy after they had played all day! What I like about Nerf Rebelle is that if you cant enjoy the out doors due to weather, no problem you can also use INDOORS! Great Rainy day game to have around the house. Its safe to use indoors, wont break anything around the house because the darts are made of Foam and the tip of the dart is also safe..made with a silicon soft rubber like tip.

The Nerf Rebelle collection is so cool to have for girls, Not only do they have fun but they get to lead and form groups, this is a good feature it has because it keeps them social and helps with leadership skills. My daughter is planing a tribute just like the hunger games..lets see how this day will end up!

This doesn't come with the Kit, I made it and printed out for the girls to use as Target.

(No Worries, The darts are made of Foam and a silicon tip)

Interested in purchasing the Nerf Rebelle collection? Head on over Hasbro toy shop or to your favorite toy retailer and check them out.  Last but not least, Want to apply to Host a Party?? C'mon over to Houseparty and apply!
 photo f50d146b-94d6-4326-ac2a-0bd1fdb53f61_zps127fb989.jpg

Disclosure: We received products from Nerf Rebelle in exchange for review. All opinions here are entirely my own.

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