Invita Skin Beauty

Invita Skin Beauty

Natural Collagen Supplements – Colvita Natural Collagen supplements for natural skin care, joint pain relief & anti aging, is considered as one of the best collagen supplements in Europe.

A natural non invasive natural skin care solution that truly works…Natural Collagen Supplements”  Colvita in a collagen capsule is a real “Peptide Bomb” a natural skin care supplement

Invita skin beauty and the private label Colvita is a Natural Collagen dietary supplement created specifically to improve the condition of the skin. The components used in Colvita Natural Collagen supplements, includes lyophilized collagen, marine algae an iodine rich foods source, and Vitamin E, all having positive natural effects on the skin from the first application. The dietary collagen supplement contains the Sea algae (Fucus vesiculosus), lyophilized fish Collagen deposited on lemon carrier, Vitamin E in form of D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate. The natural collagen supplements also contains trace amounts of lyophilized elastin and Lactic acid. The best collagen supplement mixture prepared from these components is closed into fish gelatine capsules which are then packed into 10-piece blister packages. The  natural collagen supplement are finished in blister packages and and the collagen capsules are packed into commercial cardboard boxes.

 Health benefits and effects of taking Colvita Natural Collagen supplement capsules…

  •     Collagen nourishes the skin from the inside making it elastic and springy
  •     Collagen helps maintain the proper structure of the skin
  •     Vitamin E slows down the aging process of tissues protecting them from oxidation stress
  •     improvement in connective tissue morphology
  •     Iodine helps maintain the proper condition of the skin.

The use of Polish Native fish collagen supplements has produced positive therapeutic effects in cases of the following diseases:

  •     old scars
  •     lumbago & inter-vertebral disc hernias
  •     osteoarthritis
  •     rheumatoid arthritis
  •     a number of inflammatory skin conditions – including acne, eczema
  •     burns (including grade II B)
  •     psoriasis
  •     cataracts
  •     chronic inflammation of the conjunctiva
  •     hernias
  •     bowel diverticulitis disease
  •     hemorrhoids
  •     varicose veins in the legs and thrombosis
  •     emphysema
  •     liver cirrhosis
  •     diabetes
  •     inflammation of the peritoneum

Additionally, it has been observed that positive therapeutic effects on the skin, mucosal pathologies (gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary, numerous skin diseases), bones, joint pain relief, constipation, as well as the strengthening of the bonds of the internal organs (kidney, liver, intestine, uterus, stomach) and the diaphragm. The natural collagen supplement Colvita is a synergetic complex. The combination of the antioxidant – vitamin E and marine algae extract has a broad spectrum of effects and enables the acceleration of the effects of collagen amino acids.(- See more here)

This package contains 60 collagen capsules: 6 pk of 10 pills each at 1 capsule (397 mg) 2 capsules (794 mg) 100 g.

As soon as I received the sample from Natural Collagen, I read the informations and I took my first pill o the day, I will be updating later around mid month and let you know how I feel and the results obtained.

UPDATE:  Its been a week and I feel great,specially with my aches and pains I use to get in the orning on my leg these have provided me with joint pain relief and I will continue to use them.#CollagenUSA

Directions of use of Natural Collagen supplements: 1-2 collagen capsules dietary collagen supplements during the day, preferably during or slightly after meals to increase its assimilation.

For maximum effect of taking  natural collagen supplements it is also recommended to take a vitamin c supplements if your meal does not include adequate fresh fruit and vegetables, or you are a smoker. And to drink 1.5 – 2 glasses of water after taking the collagen supplements.

Do not exceed daily recommended collagen supplement dose.
Do not use these collagen capsules in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the fish collagen supplements, and marine algae  an iodine rich foods source.

Balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for maintaining proper health. It is recommended that you take the natural collagen supplements as described:

    1 natural collagen supplement capsule of colvita if you are after 20 years of age.
    1-2 natural collagen supplement capsule of colvita if you are after 30 years of age.

- See more..

Where to purchase? just go to Naturalcollagen.in

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 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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