"Pay with Cash" Great online payment option

Hi Bloggers! I just had share this new option Walmart has implement at there website. Its called "Pay With Cash". Its a feature that lets you shop online and pay CASH at any Walmart department store near you !

How Cool is that? I know there are many people that dont have a bank account or dont have a Credit card, with this new system you can shop Online! yayyy!
 All you need to do is head to Walmart Online, look up the "Pay with Cash" and read and confirm its available in your area and if any restrictions apply before using this new cool feature.

Once you read about this feature and checked you can benefit from this all you do is the following:
  1. Just place your order online
  2. Choose the "cash" Option for payment
  3. Choose shipping method(Site to Store  or home delivery )
  4. Print Order Number
  5. Pay at a Walmart Store near You ( You have 48 hrs To Pay )
Thats all you do!
So check out the new feature on walmart and remember ,Based on the shipping options you pick, Once you pay, your order ships — either straight to your home or to your store where you can pick it up. 
I choose the site store option so all I'm waiting for is a text or email letting me know when its ready to be picked up.

* For more information visit  "Pay With Cash"  at walmart.com!

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