"The Taste" Tuesday at 8/7 on ABC

Hiii ..
Ive been running around and as soon as I slow down and watch Tv..I come across this cooking Tv show called "TheTaste" on ABC channel, Have you seen it yet? well I can say its a bit interesting to watch so far.

This show is based on a slection of contestants that have one hour to cook a dish to serve to the four (unique)judges blind folded with only one spoon serving. Eeach judge has to vote YES or NO on the food they tasted.  After the voting is over, the judges each judge will reveal their vote (yes or no) and if the contestant gets a YES vote they are put on that judges team. Let me say that in the panel of judges we have some charcters like Anthony Bourdain..but then again with out a little drama we would lack atenttion and this battle of blinding tasting is real interesting, informative and intertaining to watch. I enjoy watching the "daring pairing" section ...why?  give The Taste a try; new episodes air Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. and see for yourself. check it out here: htt:/abc.Tv/23jimp

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