Wisk® Deep Clean® Original HEC


I don't know about you, but I love Laundry time! and I have used a few different brands out there..and today I share Wisk Deep Clean with you all...

When I was offered the opportunity to try out the new  Wisk® Deep Clean® Original, I was immediately intrigued and ready to try it. This detergent ,New Wisk Deep Clean contains a unique patented blend of Micro-Cleaners that seek out and attack the #1 laundry soil - hidden body oils and sweat - some other detergents can leave behind.  I love how WISK leaves my families clothes, especially Gym clothes, hard stains to get out with my previous detergent. Wisk has been my #1 detergent so far!

* This product I received from Smiley360 and I did not receive any compensation for his review, This is my personal experience with this product. Thanks to Smiley360 (for my free sample), and to Wisk (for a great product)!

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