Blog Action Day! Let your voice be heard!

Guess what?

On October 16th its “ Blog Action Day”, an annual online day of action when we all unite from all over the world blog on one particular theme: This year, on Human Rights! I will be participating!
How Blog Action Day works? Start by heading over to Blog Action Day! , and register. As soon as your register and inform the Blog Action Day team about yourself, your blog, They will send you more information on the theme "Human Rights" On Blog Action Day.

So how does this work?...

First you register and inform the Blog Action Day team about yourself, your blog then you'll be given instructions by email. They will also provide you with reminders and support via email. So on the mean time, start by sharing about “Blog Action Day “ Human Rights” via all your social networks. If you use twitter, include hashtags #bad13 #humanrights  then use these platforms as an opportunity to speak out on the theme of Human Rights and see what other bloggers all over the world have to say!.

Don’t forget to post about “Blog Action Day Human Rights” on your blog and share with all of the world.
Don’t forget to also come on over my blog and see what I have to say! Spread the word!

So head on over to http://blogactionday.org/ and REGISTER!

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