Perfect Matches doesn't have to be from the same Brand

I dont know about you Ladies.. But I do have a HUGE collection of Nail polishes from different name brands. Its hard to pick and chose what's you favorite Collection.

While in the past we all may debate on the topic which brand is the best, Drugstore Vs High End Nail Polishes, I can tell you I do not discriminate my Nail polishes!

I just mix and math by brand and combine the perfect combination..Just like this one I created a few days a go. I call it Jinx!           

Wet n Wild MegaLast
 Salon Nail Color, 
Wet Cement 201C 
Jewelry Top Coats 
Only Gold For Me 0.5 oz 

I wanted to wear a neutral color that had some pop to it. I couldn't decide so I just matched two brands I love and chose what color scheme I wanted to wear. I finally chose Wet N Wild "Wet cement" as my base coat and Sephora "Only gold for me" as my top coat and I loved the results! so in-tuned for the Holiday's!  

Most women love painting and decorating their Fingernails and Toe Nails, Just have fun with the different brand and create unique style that only you can flaunt or show off for the Holidays! 

 * This product was purchased by me and I did not receive any compensation for his review, this is my personal experience with this product.

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