My #DisneySide will always shine...

Sharing my DisneySide

Finally.... The day came..to show my #DisneySide! What better place then in my father in-law 70th Birthday! Let me tell ya'll... 

This month didn't turn out like expected..My mom was sick and my daughter had an accident and suffered 2nd degree burns so I can tell you I've been put to the test when it came to be supermom this month. Thankfully mom is recovering and so is my daughter, This week was crunch time to show off my #DisneySide.. Finally after all the mayhem,sweat and tears,Its Party time! Thanks to DisneySideCelebrations.com for providing me with the Party Supplies and American Tourister for my lovely Purple Luggage!

We had a great time with friends and Family, even thou I couldn't throw the party I plan I went with the basic..My inner disneyside. Family, Fun and Imagination.

Here we all participated in the Disney Trivia.. for those who didn't get the answer they had to come up front and do the Happy feet dance. Boy did we laugh because mostly everyone got up to dance!

The cake was so delicious it was made out of almond flavor and had the red,black and silver colors and a Mickey mouse outfit at front as a topper. I also had a lil Minnie buffet of cupcakes for the kids called Minnie's Munch Bar filled with sweet's and Green apples covered in chocolate and candy sprinkles. The kids totally cleared this section within minutes!

For the finally the kids sang the lion king song: Hakuna Matata! and karaoke till the end. Everyone enjoyed the Party and also loved the DisneySide incorporated in the 70th Birthday Party!

At the end of the day...Whats important is that we all celebrate our #disneyside with friends and family..its not how much you spend or who has the best looking DisneySide party. We all are winners when it comes to showing our #DisneySide.

Even outside we celebrated our DisneySide in a Lil Mermaide Bouncy House!

Best part of the Party was seeing my daughter Happy after what she has been through.. now back to snuggling with my daughter while she is recovering back at home. 

There is no price on having a DisneySide..we all are kids at heart, so dont forget to visit the following links to get more insight on your DisneySide!

American Tourister
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