The best thing about memories.. is making them..

The best thing about memories..is making them. I cant agree more with this qoute!

I've been walking down memory lane while I sorted through my huge collection of Pictures.. I love to take pictures and recently been lacking the time. Its amazing how a picture can bring a smile to your face....
 There are 3 important things in life: God, Family and memories. 

I wanted to share just a few photos with you all, hopefully in a near future I will have the time to share my favorite locations, Events and My moments.

This was taken in  Madame Tussauds's New York
Me and Lady GaGa!(Wax Figure)

This photo was taken in China Town, My youngest Daughter and my Husband.
I just love that Statue!

This picture I truly LOVE, This picture was taken at The Bronx Zoo by my Daughter.
And to think this lil bird was giving my daughter a hard time..it kept moving and flying away..
until the lil birdie struck the perfect pose! jaja 

This is my second favorite photo..Gus, the much-celebrated polar bear at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo, dies last year and me and my family where fortunate to meet him at the bronx zoo last year.. He was 27 years old. Gus was an icon at the Central Park Zoo.. Gus was a media favorite and appeared in many local and national newspapers and television newscasts as the face of the Central Park Zoo. In 1994, he gained media attention out of concern for his repetitive swimming pattern. He was a laid back Polar bear who loved to lounge around and swim all day. he will be missed RIP

Well I hope you liked my photos? if you like to display your favorite photo here just send me a email and I will kindly share with my readers. Life is about creating memorable photos..what you waiting for?

 photo f50d146b-94d6-4326-ac2a-0bd1fdb53f61_zps127fb989.jpg


  1. awww! i love this post a lot!!! i agree with you God, family, and memories are really really precious.

    1. Thanks Kaye.. Did you see the photo my daughter took of the Bird? Thats my favorite and I had to have it framed <3


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