Wake up with Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea every morning!

There is nothing more soothing and beneficial then a warm cup of Green tea in the morning's full of antioxidants and a boost of energy!

I recently started to drink green tea to implemented with my diet and I just love this blend of Green tea with Honey Lemon Ginseng and white tea by Celestial Seasonings  

(resource at www.celestialseasonings.com)
Its sooo light and taste real good. Im not a fan of tea due to the taste they have but this tea blend I can drink hot or cold with out having to gringe!
This Tea blend contains all-natural ingredients and flavors, and no artificial colors or preservatives and best part of all its Gluten Free! This is the first thing I do before having my breakfast, Brew my tea every mornings and ready to get a healthy breakfast before I head out to do my daily work out routine. 
All it takes is 1 tea bag and 8oz of water to mix up a delicious blend of green tea and in the afternoons a brew up my cold Green tea add some ice and I'm ready to cook up a healthy meal for my family.

Simple steps for brewing the tea:

Hot Tea by the Cup
Pour very hot water (just at the brink of boiling) over one tea bag. Steep 2 minutes and remove tea bag. Sweeten if desired.

Iced Tea by the Pitcher
Pour 2 cups very hot water (just at the brink of boiling) over four tea bags in a heat-resistant container. Steep 2 minutes and remove tea bags. If desired, add sweetener while tea is hot. Add 2 cups cold water and chill.
Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea not only taste good but its beneficial for you, why? well it has green tea..we all know the properties green tea has like antioxidants and also green tea for medicinal purposes. Want to try different kinds of blends of Tea from celestial seasonings just visit their website and you can also find these teas at your local supermarket.

 photo 905e3bc4-b3fb-4bb8-ac9a-8a5f8d0c977f_zpsc63a7330.png

* This product was purchased by me and I did not receive any compensation for this review, this is my personal experience with this product.

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